1 Jan

Number 1. #savingmorein13


Posted by: Kristina Crosbie

I used to think this was a big time waster. I spend so much time on line each day and didn’t want to spend another minute!  For some reason, about 2 months ago, I took a few seconds to Google, “promo code” for the store I was going to make a purchase from.  The promo code came up, claiming to save 35%. 35%!!! I didn’t think it would actually work, why would they just give away 35% off I thought to myself.  I cut the promo code and pasted it into the checkout screen and it was accepted! I ended up saving $60 off my purchase – just for taking a few seconds to do a Google search! I’ve now made this a regular practice, every single time I make a purchase online.  I haven’t been as lucky as the first time, beginners luck, but I do find something 95% of the time.  Try this next time you go to checkout and let me know how it goes!  kcrosbie@dominionlending.ca